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A320 Captain Contract with BCA – Lucrative package and excellent benefit, good commuting roster options, bases in much sought after coastal locations like Sanya and Haikou

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New A330 Contract – Excellent pay package and benefit; commuting rotations including 1 month on 1 month off, fly to Madrid, Copenhagen, Melbourne, London, and more …

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One of the Best B737 Contract – 9 different commuting working patterns to choose, lucrative pay packages & popular bases in lovely seaside location

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B757/767 Contracts offered by Promising Cargo Airline – Household Brand, Excellent Benefit and Remuneration

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Provide Aviation Personnel Solutions
Our mission statement is to engage, deliver and strive for constant improvement

We commit ourselves to think outside the box and provide functional and cost effective flight crew leasing and management solutions to meet growing demand of the Airline industry. We seek new ways of crew management which will reflect the market trend, reward for quality of service and permit our clients and crews to work closely together. Being independent from Airlines, training organization and pilot associations, we strive to achieve maximum benefit for our crew and our client. We provide short and long-term contracted employment with some of the world's most prestigious Airlines. Tempo team closely manages our crews and provides continuous assistance and support. Apart from our administrative support, payroll management, relocation / travel services, and additional benefit package, our regional offices will provide hands-on day to day assistance when needed; our legal and financial professionals are also on hand to provide reliable legal and financial advices

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